Oak Lawn's Audio Tour

Welcome to Oak Lawn Cemetery and Arboretum.  We were founded in 1865 and are located on about 100 acres in a natural setting. Our historic grounds consist of well-maintained mature trees and shrubs as well as wetlands and woodlands. It is bordered on the southeast by the Mill River. Since its inception the Board of Directors intended that the grounds serve as a botanical garden, a planned landscape and park-like setting. In a continuation of this tradition Oak Lawn was accredited in 2014 as a certified arboretum.

An early description of the property captures its essence- “This beautiful resting-place lies between Fairfield village and Greenfield Hill. A venerable oak—one of the most ancient in the country—stands facing the entrance.  A rolling landscape, a gurgling brook, wooded retreats and the quiet waters of the bordering Mill River, suggest sweet repose."

Join us as we take a tour of some of the legacy trees on our grounds. These trees have been tagged with botanical signs and green numbered tags corresponding to their location on the tour’s map. Green arrows have also been placed along the tour route to direct you along the right path. Because this tour brings us through the older historical sections of the cemetery, additional information about some of Fairfield’s historically important citizens and their contributions to Fairfield’s development will be included. These sites have been marked with a plaque depicting Oak Lawn’s logo of an Oak tree.